Curt Vernon is a singer, songwriter, musician, husband, father, and intercessor who is one of the founding pastors of Commonwealth City Church in Lexington, Kentucky. He married far out of his league in 2016, to Lauren, and in January of 2019 Curt became a dad to Roy Curtis Vernon V (known as “Wynn”).  He was born and raised In Jacksonville, Florida in the home of a drug dealer turned Southern Baptist pastor named Butch. His parents felt God leading them to move the family from the beach to the bluegrass when was 15, and it didn’t take long before he fell in love with Central Kentucky. He hopes to call Lexington home forever. After two years of pastoral ministry training at Campbellsville University, Curt realized that God’s Word was meant to be obeyed more than it was intended to be read. Jesus’ simple admonition from Luke 10 to go in pairs and take nothing resonated, so Curt dropped out of school, invited a friend and reenacted Jesus’ invitation as literally as he could in his modern context. He spent three years living nomadic, travelling to a couple dozen countries in the process, and learning that nothing is more terrifying to the kingdom of darkness than a man who prays without ceasing. Through this experience, he learned that the Bible doesn’t have to be stuck in its pages, and that the promises of God were never intended to be merely historical.

Curt’s father is an amazing man of God, but he hates music. So it was odd when Butch came to give him some musical advice last year. “Did you write your songs or did God?” Curt told him that he really believed they were from the Lord and not his own doing. “At what point to do you have to admit that God gave you songs to give away to other people and you’re keeping them to yourself?” That moment led Curt to a simple act of repentance: record music and get it to as many people as possible. Curt loves prayer a lot more than he loves music, but recognized that it’s a lot easier to pray when there’s a melody behind it. He knows that his songs aren’t just his; they belong to others.​

He loves that we live in a time where it’s so easy to share these melodic prayers with the world. Years ago, Curt pridefully liked the way that music got people’s attention and decided to take a break. But God reminded him that a lot more people would pray with him if he’s got a guitar in his hand. That’s when he really started focusing more on music. Curt released his first album, Live @ the Livery, in 2014, which included songs like “Good, Good Father” and “Three Best Days”. In 2015, Curt was asked to spontaneously write and record a song for the movie, Holy Ghost Reborn. What resulted just 12 minutes later was a beautiful song called “Walking Resurrection’, which is featured as the film’s credits roll. So the music he is now making is a form of repentance – repenting from keeping his songs to himself. Curt feels like God wrote them, and he just gets to hear them first. Now we get to enjoy the results as his new album, Invite Me Into Wonder—Live at Iron Bell is slated to release in 2019.